Introducing penut butr to the world is a scary thing to do, but i know it will be recognized for glory. This post is a story describing the genesis of penut butr. Peanut butter, the “proper” name of the magnificent supernatural item, was looking for a way to be seen by the world. As a form of greeting to earth, penut butr considered going by the definition of “peanut butter” provided by Urban Dictionary. This page, a fountain of supposed literary expertise, said that “peanut butter” is “a creamy delight sold in grocery stores commonly used in sandwiches and yummy chocolate candies.” WRONG SIRE that barely scratches the perfectly even, glorious surface of a freshly opened jar of penut butr. Thus, penut butr rejected this as a greeting and continued the search. Penut butr then came upon the Webster dictionary. Even worse than urban, here is the definition provided by  Webster: “a creamy food made from peanuts.” Penut butr cried after reading this. With no way to greet ppl, penut butr found itself lost and alone. Then, while walking through the lonely aisles of a Kroger, possibly a Walmart (penut butr doesn’t remember exactly due to repression of this traumatic time), jelly called to it, married in that instant, and told penut butr that it was too good, too perfect to be defined by a dictionary. Nae it needed more, a website perhaps to fully respect the wonder of penut butr. In that instant, penut butr, the food, the brother, the sister, the friend, the movie-star, the athlete, the brain, the utility, the person, the innumerable-unmentioned-identities-that-penut-butr-encompasses, decided to go further. With a blog. So here we are. And we are proud to meet you.


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